Hand Painted Dublin's Poolbeg Prints

Dublin’s Poolbeg Red and white Chimney towers

Dublin's Poolbeg Red and white Chimney towers
Dublin’s Poolbeg Red and white Chimney towers  Photo by Gary P Byrne

Dublin’s Poolbeg Red and white Chimney towers

They’re the last  things seen by departing ferries and a welcome sight for those returning home by air over Dublin.

But on the 31st. March 2010, the iconic Poolbeg red and white twin chimneys puffed their last plume of smoke. They were decommissioned by the Electricity Supply Board ESB.

The red-and-white twin stacks, which dominate the Dublin skyline, at just over 207 metres are visible over much of Dublin, particularly from Sandymount Strand, making them well-known landmarks and some of the tallest structures in Ireland

The twin stacks are located on the Poolbeg peninsula in Ringsend, Dublin, on the south bank of Dublin Port  adjacent to the now-decommissioned Pigeon House generating station, where electricity was first generated in 1903. The Pigeon House was previously a military barracks and the officers accommodation building still exists. It was used for power generation until it was decommissioned in 1976, the Poolbeg Twin Chimneys plant is still known locally as the Pigeon House.

The chimneys are featured prominently in many films made in Dublin and in the video for the song “Pride (In The Name Of Love)” by U2.

Dublin City planners have already rejected a proposal to put a preservation order on the Poolbeg chimneys, declaring that they were not of ‘‘sufficient architectural, social or historical value’’.

The Good News

The ESB has deferred making a decision on whether to knock down the Poolbeg twin chimneys in Dublin, but says it is carrying out repair work to ensure they do not fall into further disrepair

Dublin’s Poolbeg Red and white Chimney towers Photo by Gary P Byrne


And while the future of the towers remains uncertain, there’s still time to marvel at their majesty and glory, which brings us to this stunning video.

Filmed with the aid of a drone, the video from Sky Pixels Ireland captures the inside of the Poolbeg chimneys, as well as their incredible panoramic views of Dublin

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Hand Painted Dublin's Poolbeg Red and white Chimney towers
Hand Painted Dublin’s Poolbeg Prints


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