Phantom of the Opera art has held a constant fascination since the very year the original book was published in 1910.

The novel Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux  is now second fiddle to both the 1925 movie starring Lon Chaney and of course the 1986 Phantom of the Opera musical written by Andrew Lloyd Webber

The very first piece of Phantom of the Opera art shows a very different style of mask than what we today associate with the classic work




The 1925 Phantom of the Opera movie inspired some incredible artwork and prints. One of my favourites is below which shows Lon Chaney using a snorkel!




There have been many theatre adaptations and films based on Phantom of the Opera, each production creating a wealth of new posters and Phantom artwork. At auction these Phantom of the Opera prints go for $10,000’s.




Over time and mostly due to the musical, the white half face mask has become the modern day icon for Phantom of the Opera.

We have made a Phantom of the Opera print, available for sale in our store.




Printed on vintage music sheets from late 20th century, each print is a unique piece and no two are unique. In the background of the print you can see the iconic Paris Opera and the rest of the print is composed of the immortal lines “All I wanted was to be loved for myself”






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